Capturing the Spirit LZHS Choirs Record Music in Cathedral

Article excerpt

Byline: Gretchen Marquardt Daily Herald Staff Writer

The members of four choirs at Lake Zurich High School got ready for Christmas early this year by recording a CD of holiday tunes for Delta Records, with headquarters in Roscoe, Ill.

Choir director David Holdhusen was approached in April by a representative of the record company that works with groups all over the upper Midwest. The representative came to view a choir practice and, less than two weeks later, told Holdhusen that his choirs would be the right group to do a recording.

"It is a big honor to be chosen for the holiday project," said Holdhusen, who has been directing the choirs at Lake Zurich High School for six years. "This is not something we could call them for; they chose us."

So early this school year, the choirs began practicing for their recording session.

"The rehearsal process was really long. We had to learn so much music," said senior Erin Lindgren, who is a student conductor at LZHS.

But LZHS senior and concert choir president Alexa Heuser added, "We are very motivated by Mr. Holdhusen. He's very inspirational, very energetic. He makes us want to sing."

When Oct. 23 came, a total of 110 students who make up the Women's Chorale, Blue Notes (an audition group of freshmen through seniors), Bare Voice (the jazz group) and Concert Choir groups traveled to the School Sisters of St. Francis chapel in Milwaukee to record their holiday CD.

"It was huge," said Holdhusen of the chapel. It was a full-size cathedral, like some place in Europe. It was very intimidating at first."

"Everyone's breath was just taken away," Heuser agreed.

The magnitude of the cathedral helped create the perfect sound for recording. …