Neal Schuman's Authoritative Guide to Kids' Search Engines, Subject Directories, and Portals

Article excerpt

by Ken Haycock. Neal-Schuman Publishers, 100 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013 [http://www.neal]. 2003. 236 pp. ISBN: 1-5557-0451-4. Softcover, $55.

Kids have no trouble trying new things, so when the Internet and World Wide Web came along they were ready to jump right in. Today, more and more classrooms are incorporating the Internet into the curriculum. It's not enough for kids to have surfing skills anymore.

This guide from Neal-Schuman offers help to busy educators, librarians, and parents who wish to become more familiar with Web resources available for children and thus "steer" them to the most appropriate ones. It's a combination of review and guide. The content comes from a survey and evaluation of Web tools for students in grades 4-9, a population the author believes is sometimes slighted when it comes to Web resource guides. There's no doubt that catching younger students who are ready to learn research skills can certainly help them develop better and more effective searching habits.

The book's eight chapters cover an array of subjects, such as understanding children's search tools, identifying the elements of a search tool, evaluating and rating tools, as well as issues related to children using the Internet. …