'DIANA WOULD NOT WANT TITLE BACK'; Spencer Family Reject Idea to Make Princess HRH Again

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PRINCESS Diana's family have turned down a royal move to restore her HRH title.

In yet another Palace U-turn, Earl Spencer was told the Queen was willing to consider the idea within hours of his biting attack on the Royal Family at the funeral service in Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

But he said Diana 'would not have wanted it'. Her family also privately regard it as a 'gesture far too late' and singularly inappropriate on the day Diana was being buried'.

The Queen's private secretary Sir Robert Fellowes, who is also the Earl's brother-in-law, floated the suggestion 'on an informal basis' as the Spencer family and Prince Charles and his two sons travelled together on the Royal train to Althorp for Diana's burial, but the offer was never made officially.

A younger member of the Royal Family was understood to be the driving force behind the idea to restore the title stripped from Diana after her divorce last summer.

But Lord Spencer, 33, who had earlier electrified the funeral with his pointed comment that his sister 'needed no Royal title to continue to generate her particular brand of magic', rejected it saying: 'Diana would not have wanted it, and it is not what we want.' And in the words of one of the family circle: 'It was also a gesture far too late, which perhaps should have been made during her life.' Sir Robert , as the husband of Diana's sister Lady Jane, was thought to be in a unique position to balance the interests of both families.

But the courtier, who leaves the Palace at the end of this year after two decades of service, had been placed in an extremely awkward position. As a member of the Spencer clan, he shares their loyalties, but he is also one of the Queen's most trusted and discreet advisers.

The first signs of a clamour for the title to be restored had begun in the days following the Princess's death nine days ago.

The idea was brought sharply into focus by Lord Spencer's comment during his tribute to his sister at the abbey. …