I Feel Guilty but I Could Do Nothing Says the Bodyguard

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THE BODYGUARD who may hold the key to the crash which killed Diana should be able to speak to police within weeks.

After Trevor Rees-Jones had a ten-hour operation to reconstruct his shattered face, Paris doctors declared it a success and were confident he will make a full recovery.

His mother and stepfather, Jill and Ernie Jones, have said their son is 'deeply upset' about the tragedy. He is believed to have told his mother: 'I feel guilty about the crash, but there was absolutely nothing I could have done.' Mr Rees-Jones, 29, a former Para, was in the front passenger seat when the Mercedes carrying Princess Diana crashed in an underpass.

He was the only person in the car wearing a seatbelt.

That saved him, along with an airbag that inflated on impact. Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul were killed instantly while Princess Diana was pronounced dead 3 1/2 hours later. …