So Is Your Relationship That Close?

Article excerpt

THE QUIZ is designed to see if you have emotional closeness.

Do not spend too long on each statement as it is important that you answer each question as honestly as possible.

1. If we argue, I am right almost always.

Disagree (A) Agree (B) 2. My favours are always returned.

Disagree (B) Agree (A) 3. The relationship takes a lot of energy.

Disagree (A) Agree (B) 4. The relationship affects my moods a lot.

Disagree (B) Agree (A) 5. Much that I do goes unnoticed.

Disagree (A) Agree (B) 6. No one else influences my ideas as much.

Disagree (B) Agree (A) 7. I cannot confide parts of my past.

Disagree (A) Agree (B) 8. Parts of me are not easy to live with.

Disagree (B) Agree (A) 9. We usually do not find arguing useful.

Disagree (A) Agree (B) 10. Our generosity is best with each other.

Disagree (B) Agree (A) COUNT your numbers of As and Bs. Your score and the interpretation given below should be treated with caution this short test is by no means definitive, but may offer a guide to where you stand.

* SEVEN or more Bs: You are scoring high on closeness, which means you can communicate emotionally as well as factually with each other. However, it may be that you are still in the stage of a relationship where there are many rewards for closeness (like giving each other a lot of pleasure) and as yet few costs (like the in-laws or children). …