The Famous Four; Friends and Their Dog Rescue Fall Victim in the Nick of Time

Article excerpt

THE Famous Five would have been proud.

Three young friends were walking their dog in the woods when they spotted a hand mysteriously poking through the undergrowth and decided to investigate.

Alison Bailey, 15, her brother Simon and his friend Liam Stone, both 11, followed Chelsea the dog into the bushes and found an injured woman who had lain undiscovered for 24 hours after she fell down an embankment.

While Alison comforted her, Simon and Liam ran to get help for shivering, soaking wet 55-year-old Jane Hauton.

She is now recovering from hypothermia and back injuries in Bristol's Southmead Hospital.

Yesterday, paramedics praised the children, all from Sea Mills, Bristol, for saving Mrs Hauton's life. They say she could not have survived another night out in the open.

It is believed that Mrs Hauton may have suffered an epileptic fit while out for a stroll last Wednesday and slipped down the bank.

Alison said: 'We know the woods like the back of our hand but we've never come across anything like this 'The lady must have heard us, she reached her hand out. She could hardly talk. …