For He's a Jolly Good Fellowes

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* WIDELY credited with saving the Royal Family by his advice to bow to the wishes of the Spencer family over last Saturday's funeral arrangements for the Princess of Wales, the Queen's private secretary Sir Robert Fellowes, 55, is due to quit at the end of the year, I can reveal.

Married to Diana's elder sister Lady Jane, 50, and with a son and two daughters, Fellowes was long regarded as one of the Princess's enemies because of his allegiance to the Sovereign - although he occupies a grace and favour dwelling in Kensington Palace close to his late sister-in-law.

Officially Private Secretary and Keeper of

the Queen's Archives, the Eton-educated former Scots Guards officer was a City financier before entering royal service in 1977 as assistant private secretary to HM - his late father, Sir William, was the Land Agent at Sandringham estate from 1936-64.

Although christened Robert, Fel-lowes is known to all as Bertie and thereby hangs a tale. …