I've the Wheels to Win for Scotland; COULTHARD IS FLYING THE FLAGALAN CAMPBELL Takes a Pit Stop with F1 Star David Coulthard

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DAVID COULTHARD aims to fly the flag for Scotland all the way to a Formula One world title.

The 26-year-old from Twynholm believes his second victory of the season at Monza on Sunday can be the springboard to his lifetime dream.

Coulthard was back home yesterday with his American girlfriend Heide for a promotional engagement at the SECC in Glasgow and he revealed that money has long since ceased to be a motivation - winning is more important now.

He said: 'We've got a good engine and with the new regulations hopefully we can get a jump on the rest.

'I thought I would be on the podium but I didn't really think I would win on that circuit. I felt others would be a bit stronger.

'I want to build on this now, because I've had a bit of a patchy midseason. I want to finish the last three or four races on the podium in each of them.

'I believe that I can win races and can contribute to championship successes but in order to do that you have to have the right car. It is more important than having the money.

'I guess it depends where you are coming from. Maybe I could have earned more money in my career being more aggressive in some ways but you have to be there and have the right seat to do the job.' Coulthard, who had left all the tensions of the previous 24 hours

behind him, admitted that the speculation about his future with the McLaren-Mercedes team with rumours that Damon Hill was being lined up to replace him - had been disruptive.

He said: 'If you're being asked about it all the time it does put questions in your mind, so it was unsettling even although I was always confident. It's good to have it resolved.

'Sunday's win was especially satisfying because for me Monza is one of the big three Grand Prix along with Silverstone and Monaco, so it's nice to have it on my CV. …