Turn Me into Anthea Turner! If You Think That a Visit to the Hairdresser Is a Bit of a Lottery , Then Read On

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EVERY hairdresser knows that sinking feeling when a woman holds up a picture of a celebrity and says: `Can you make me look like this?' According to Hair Flair magazine, the most asked-for cut at the moment is the casual layered style sported by National Lottery presenter Anthea Turner. Femail decided to find out what the chances are of actually ending up with the authentic Anthea look by sending five women into their local salons with an identical photo of the blonde presenter to use as their guide. Louise Plumbly, 25, is a bank clerk. She is single and lives in Hadleigh, Suffolk. Louise says:

`I CAN'T say I'm a great fan of Anthea, she always comes over as a bit sugary. But people have commented in the past that I look like her. I like the layered style of her hair and mine's a similar type - blonde and straight, so there were no real problems copying the style.

`My stylist, Martin, has been cutting my hair for years and he knew that it would suit me and that my hair would flick up at the sides just like hers.

`In the end he made my hair a bit longer than in the photo of Anthea, as he thought that would suit me better. It was set in rollers and he used loads of setting lotion. It came out looking a bit bouffant but I liked it better after I'd been out in the wind with it. The only problem is I've now got a fringe which will get in my eyes when I play hockey.

`I went out last night straight after having my hair done and I did get a few comments about looking like Anthea Turner, but they might have just been my friends winding me up.'

* LOUISE'S stylist was Martin Adams at Formulaa, Bank Passage (off Colchester High St), Colchester. Telephone 01206 577782. Cost: [pounds sterling]20 for cut and blow dry.

ANN BROCK, 39, is divorced and lives in Norwich where she works as a key account manager for HMSO. She says:

`I WOULDN'T want to be magically transformed into Anthea, but I like the way her hair looks so effortless and I wanted a new look for myself that would be just as easy to wear. I'd never been to this particular salon before and when I showed Jon, the stylist, the picture of Anthea Turner he looked at me and just said, `Oh', and then, `Your hair's a bit short, but we'll see what we can do.' I felt sorry for him, but he amazed me by doing a terrific job.

`As well as being far too short at the back to start with, my hair isn't much like Anthea's at all. It's thick and wavy, while hers is straight. I've had highlights before, but it needed to be blonder so the first thing he had to do was put some more blonde in.'

`Then came the cut. I think Jon got the Anthea effect brilliantly at the front and sides where it was long enough but he could only really shape up the back. Considering that, it's a really good interpretation. I'd never be mistaken for her, and in fact Jon's taken the idea of the style and turned it into something that's me, which is better.'

* ANN'S stylist was Jon Cook at Transformer, 16A Royal Arcade, Norwich.

Telephone 01603 613285. Cost: [pounds sterling]25 for highlights, cut and finish [pounds sterling]18.

Jill Brown, 34, is a nursery nurse. She lives in Stowmarket, Suffolk, with her three children, Hannah, 15, Daniel, 12 and Jess, 11.

`ANTHEA is a bit on the gooey side but the thing about her hair is that it's fairly natural and it doesn't make her look like a glamourpuss. I suppose that's why lots of women want to copy it. It's the kind of style that looks like it could survive a busy life.

`I don't look anything like Anthea Turner, she's got a rounder face than me so you can't do anything about that. My hair's got a natural wave, and I'm still growing out a light perm. The colour's also different, light brown with red lights. So of course I didn't really expect to end up looking like her. …