City Mail: Support Is Crucial for College Lecturers; CHAMBER MADE

Article excerpt

Byline: BELA ARORA Junior Chamber of Commerce

EDUCATION is high on the agenda at the moment, particularly in terms of top-up fees, but I would like to highlight the inefficiency that is currently taking place in the education system.

Top-up fees would allegedly improve the quality of resources on offer to students and it is rumoured that salaries of academics would increase. From my own experience of working in academia, I believe that the money would be better spent on the provision of greater administrative support.

At present, many academics spend approximately three hours a day processing and photocopying UCAS forms in triplicate, organising open days and drawing up tables of the conversion rates from applicants to undergraduate students - activities far removed from their area of expertise.

The lack of administrative support in British universities is leading to a highly inefficient way of working.

The activity of 'lecturing' makes up a tiny proportion of a lecturer's workload and administrative tasks are taking up most of the working week. …