Carey's Streets of Woe; Archbishop Attacks `Inadequate' Inner-City Aid

Article excerpt


THE Archbishop of Canterbury accused the Government yesterday of neglecting families living in inner-city deprivation.

In a speech which echoed the battles between Church and Government in the 1980s, Dr George Carey said Ministers were devoting too few resources to the regeneration of the poorest areas.

He criticised the concentration on special schemes for urban areas, the latest of which is the Single Regeneration Budget, saying they were `small beer compared with the mainstream of resources flowing through local authorities, the Health Service, education, social security and so forth'.

So-called urban priority areas needed to receive real priority in the allocation of mainstream budgets, Dr Carey told a churches' conference on Hope in the City in Brixton, South London.

`At present, the truth is that although we call these places urban priority areas, there is no real sustained commitment to making them a priority.'

It was no good providing the `most wonderful housing' if the people who were to live in it were overwhelmed by economic disadvantages, poor education or crime. …