Finding a Way to the Top without a Corporate Ladder; (1) How to Transform Working Life with a Company Shake-Up (2) CAREER MAIL

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MOST people dismiss the idea of building a career with one employer, rejecting company loyalty in favour of personal ambition and survival.

The massive shake-ups of the Nineties, which has seen the stripping of middle management, changes in the way we work and redundancies, have had a dramatic effect on people's attitudes to their employers.

A report on employee satisfaction shows that the number of people who feel confident about building a career with one employer has halvedin the past ten years to fewer than one in five.

The findings come from International Survey Research which carries out employee satisfaction surveys for 27 million employees in 92 countries.

Transition And Transformation, Employee Satisfaction In The Nineties, looks at differences between working for a company that is changing its management structures and working for one that has made the changes and is looking ahead.

`The idea that you could spend your working life slowly but surely progressing up the corporate food chain is dead. The conventional career is a memory,' says the report.

Based on this, job hunters should ask where a prospective employer is going and take note of how focused they are on customers. …