Scots Lag Behind in Last Year at School

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MANY Scots pupils remaining at school for a sixth

year could be wasting their time, it was claimed yesterday, following a report that English pupils achieved better results.

The report revealed that 17 per cent of Scots pupils leave after the sixth year with five highers or three Certificates of Sixth Year Study compared to the 22 per cent of English pupils who leave school with the equivalent qualification of three A-levels.

The Scottish Consultative Committee on the Curriculum, which drew up the report for the Scottish Office, concluded that many Scots pupils gained no further academic ground by remaining at school for a further year.

It also found that few schools were able to offer academically gifted students adequate courses and many found the sixth year lacked direction.

Professor David Gaffe of the Centre of Educational Sociology at Edinburgh University insisted many able Scots students were doing relatively well in fifth year but achieved little in sixth year.

He said: `In terms of fifth year, Scottish pupils are probably doing better than England but they are not getting as much in terms of educational attainment in sixth year as they should be doing. …