Richard, King of English Monarchs; Answers to Correspondents

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William the Conqueror, William II, the Angevins and Plantagenets were Norman French. The Tudors were Welsh, James II Scottish, William of Orange Dutch, the Georges and Windsors German. Since 1066, has England had an English king?

RICHARD III, last of the Plantagenet line which ruled over England for more than 300 years, can claim to be the most English king.

He was the only truly English monarch, born of English parents, Richard, Duke of York and Lady Cecily Neville, with four English grandparents - maternally, Ralph, Earl of Westmorland, and Joan Beaufort, and paternally, Richard, Earl of Cambridge and Anne, daughter of Roger, Earl of March.

As proved by extant documents, he was born in 1452 at Fotheringhay Castle in Northamptonshire. He had an English queen, Lady Anne Neville, younger daughter of Richard and Anne Neville, Earl and Countess of Warwick. He died in 1485, leading his army into battle at Bosworth - the last English king to die on English soil doing so.

Mary Goose, Wisbech, Cambs.

When my mother was a child, her father used to cut bark from a tree which glowed in the dark when she hid it under the stairs. What sort of tree would this have been?

THIS phenomenon is most likely to be associated not with a particular type of tree, but with the common wood-rotting honey fungus having colonised the bark.

The phosphorescence this fungus emits by its metabolic activities can be quite dramatic in the dark.

Several species of honey fungus (Armillaria) throughout Britain are wood-rotting and capable of attacking live trees as well as dead wood.

They're woodland fungi but, as many gardeners know to their cost, also attack garden trees and shrubs. They often kill young conifers in forests, causing gaps in plantation.

Dr Steve Gregory, Forestry Commission Research Division, Roslin, Midlothian.

Now we've taken our holiday snaps, can anyone suggest a sensible use for the little plastic containers film comes in?

FURTHER to earlier answers, I keep one full of 20, 10 and 5p pieces in the car in case I'm ever in need of change for a car park or parking meter. …