Women Want Special Treatment for the Holidays

Article excerpt

Women and men have different perspectives on the kinds of gifts they like to receive, according to a study by marketing consultancy frank about women. Women want to receive something special that they wouldn't buy for themselves, while men want the exact same things they'd buy for themselves.

When asked how they would spend an extra $500 on themselves, women say they'd buy clothes (31%), technological items (17%), and jewelry (11%)--different items from the ones they want as gifts. Men, on the other hand, would buy the same high-tech items they covet as gifts (43%).

Travel is the number-one item on women's holiday wish lists this year. Over a quarter of women (27%) cite travel as their most-desired gift; accessories such as jewelry are next on the list (23%), followed by high-tech or electronic items (11%).

Technological and electronic gifts are the top choice for 41% of men, with 30% of these hoping for a flat-screen TV, 23% wanting a new computer, and 16% wanting a digital camera. Only 11% of men choose travel as their most-wanted gift.

So strong is women's desire for a holiday getaway that 67% of those who choose travel as their top gift say they'd be willing to pay for it themselves. Women's specific choices in vacations indicate a desire to relax and luxuriate in ways that don't require a lot of planning and organization on their part. Women's three top travel choices are spa packages (44%), cruises (29%), and package tours (26%).

Women who prefer cruises or tour packages are more likely to say they'd buy these trips for themselves (71% and 80% respectively), compared to those who prefer spa packages (half would buy for themselves).

Among women who prefer to receive accessories for the holidays, 46% would most like to receive a ring, 20% would like earrings, and 16% would like a necklace.

Women who want high-tech or electronic gifts are hoping to receive a new computer (30%), digital camera (25%), or flatscreen TV (13%). Women age 55-59 are more likely than those in other age groups to want technological gifts.

Women's least-desired holiday gifts include sports and outdoor equipment, bar and entertainment accessories (such as fancy glasses), and equipment for their cars (such as stereos and cleaning kits). Men don't want craft items, bar/entertaining accessories, or cosmetics and fragrances. Even though a sizeable number of both women and men are interested in technological gifts, very few want DVD players--most likely because they already have them. …