Groups Link for Youth Soccer Training

Article excerpt

Campton United Soccer Club and AthletiCo Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy have joined forces to create youth soccer training programs.

"This relationship allows Campton United athletes access to a unique program no other local soccer clubs currently have," Campton United Directo of Soccer Mar MacKinnon said. "We see this as giving us a competitive advantage in the future field of play."

The initial program will coincide with the indoor season and consist of soccer specific speed development and agility training, dynamic flexibility and injury prevention, functional plyometric exercises, balance, body awareness and coordination, core strength and stabilization, complimentary injury screening, rehabilitation and physical therapy.

"This partnership allows Campton United youth the opportunity to take advantage of our fitness, sports performance and rehabilitation services year round, in essence it will make them better athletes," said Phil Pfeifer, Director of Fitness and Sports Enhancement.

AthletiCo brings a strong team to support Campton United, including Rich Monis, the former head athletic trainer for the Chicago Fire, and experts who are licensed physical therapists, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, speed development coaches and personal trainers. …