Soft Drink Prices Are Inflated

Article excerpt

Landlords have been criticised for charging 'hugely inflated' prices for soft drinks.

Trading standards officials found pubs charging up to pounds 2.25 for a small bottle of water, pounds 1.70 for half a pint of Coke and pounds 1.65 for a small orange juice.

In Birmingham, landlords were found to be charging up to pounds 1.35 for half a pint of orange squash compared with just 10p in Northumberland.

The findings come in the run-up to Christmas when motorists are urged to leave their car at home if they go out drinking.

Diane Telford, from the Trading Standards Institute, said: 'Our colleagues in the police are currently waging their annual campaign against drink-driving -yet we have found many pubs are charging hugely inflated prices for soft drinks.

'In fact, soft drinks are often dearer than beer for the same quantity, despite having no duty to pay.

'The message from trading standards professionals is to check the price before you buy, otherwise you may pay rip-off prices. …