Sir Mick: I Know It's Only Just a Gong, but I like It

Article excerpt

Rolling Stone Sir Mick Jagger was knighted at Buckingham Palace yesterday but played down the occasion and said fellow band member Keith Richards was jealous of his award.

Wearing trainers, he said: 'It's very nice to have honours given to you as long as you don't take it all too seriously.

'You should wear them lightly and not get carried away with your own self-importance.'

Responding to outspoken fellow Stone Richards, who slammed his knighthood as 'selling out', Sir Mick said: 'I think he would probably like to get the same honour himself.

'It's like being given an ice cream -one gets one and they all want one.

'It's nothing new. Keith likes to make a fuss.' It may not have been rock'n'roll but the latest knight of pop acted cool.

'I'm fine, very relaxed,' he said, moments after being dubbed a Knight Bachelor by the Prince of Wales.

'I don't get nervous, it's more exhilaration.'

Sir Mick had just knelt before the heir to the throne who touched him lightly on each shoulder with the Investiture Sword.

'I know the Prince reasonably well. I've met him quite a few times and we've had some nice chats,' said the 60-year-old rock star. …