Safety Concerns over Temp Staff

Article excerpt

Companies employing extra temporary staff over Christmas to work in warehouses have been warned to take extra health and safety precautions to counter the soar in accident rates over the period.

The increased demand on businesses during the festive period means many companies use temporary warehouse staff, one of the main groups being fork-lift truck operators. According to Finning Materials Handling , accident levels in warehouses can increase by as much as 25 per cent during the Christmas period as companies take short cuts and compromise on health and safety standards to meet high production targets.

'There is a clear link between the increased operational demands on companies in the run up to Christmas and the rise in accidents,' said a spokesperson for Finning Materials Handling.

'In December 2002, our customers reported 25 accidents including two fatalities and this is a marked increase from the proceeding months. However, many of these accidents are unnecessary and can easily be avoided. …