Straight Talk That Put Cobb County out of the Games; Cracking Hypocrisy's Code

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CALL ME intolerant, reactionary or merely a curmudgeonly spoilsport but, frankly, I draw the line at homosexuals consummating their undoubted affection for one another in public parks and bus shelters. It really does frighten the horses.

This view, I am content to say, is shared by the intolerant, reactionary and curmudgeonly inhabitants of upmarket Cobb County, Georgia, USA (White House Speaker Newt Gingrich's electoral patch, as it happens), when they voted overwhelmingly for a clampdown.

No discrimination in Cobb County. They didn't like heterosexuals similarly tangling in public arenas either but that cut no ice with the organisers of the imminent Atlanta Olympic Games.

They have ordered that the Olympic Torch, currently being relayed around the cities and townships of America on its journey from Greece, must be diverted to exclude Cobb County. They were bullied into it by the nation's militant homosexual lobby and caved in before the absurd power of the so-called political correctness.

Alas, why aren't these centennial Olympics being celebrated, as they should have been, in Athens, Greece?

For one thing the Games of the modern era were revived there in 1896 and, for another, homosexuality was discreetly rampant there at least 2,000 years before the United States was invented. I mean, they could have celebrated two diversions in one hit and no one would have been the wiser.

This is not the first time the Atlanta organisers have bowed to minority muscle groups. Already they had agreed with animal rights protesters that no doves will be released, as they have been at every summer Olympics since Antwerp in 1920, as the last act of the opening ceremony on July 19.

Actually, since World War Two, they have never been doves. They have always been socially-upgraded pigeons, which come much cheaper. Apparently a few were incinerated when they flew into the stadium's Olympic Flame at Seoul in 1988 and no such recurrence will be permitted in the country where they still fry humans in electric chairs.

Well, we must all get used to it. Already Salt Lake City, Utah, has been nominated as host for the Winter Olympics of 2002 because America is where the money is. Poor old Cobb County meanwhile will be pilloried if it attempts to stage a whist drive.

TODAY is the day I assumed I would never live to see: Wigan playing Bath at rugby.

Forget Catholic-Protestant intransigence in certain benighted provinces and Muslim-Hindu antagonism down the centuries. …