Sexual Shenanigans on an Uneven Field

Article excerpt

SEX is much on the mind of the aptly designated Commissioner for Social Affairs.

Padraig (pronounce it porrick) Flynn has an itch to regulate hanky panky in all Europe's workplaces. Asked repeatedly on Radio 4's Today programme by that sleuth for truth, John Humphrys, to explain what business Brussels has to intervene in such indelicate matters, Mr Flynn made a most revealing fool of himself.

He burbled on officiously about `uneven playing fields' and `competition policy'.

So what exactly was he trying to suggest? Did he mean to imply that, unless there are Continent-wide laws against smut and groping, firms may be tempted to rush to invest more in the hot blooded South than the frigid North?

Suppose - only suppose - that bottoms can be pinched with more impunity in a Naples tomato canning plant than a Frankfurt finance house . . . which of these proud cities, pray, would Mr Flynn reckon to enjoy an unfair commercial advantage?

Of course, sexual harassment is no joke. But meddlesome Eurocrats, humourlessly obsessed with controlling all aspects of our lives, deserve to be mocked.

The Battle of Waterloo may or may not have been won on the playing fields of Eton.

What is certain is that if we do not fight them with every weapon - from ridicule to rebellion - then our identity as a nation will be lost on that level and featureless field to which the unaccountable bureaucrats of Brussels want to reduce Europe and where they wish to dictate the rules of play.

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