Religious Right Leaders Join President Bush at Bill-Signing Ceremony

Article excerpt

The Religious Right's influence with the Bush administration was on full display at a bill-signing ceremony in early November.

On Nov. 5 at the Ronald Reagan building, only blocks from the White House, President George W. Bush signed a bill to ban a rare late-term abortion procedure that its opponents call "partial-birth abortion."

A Nov. 6 New York Times article described the measure's enactment as a "moment of political triumph for the anti-abortion movement, a reflection of its influence with a Republican-controlled Congress and a Republican president." The above-the-fold, front-page article was accompanied by a large color photo of an array of Religious Right leaders at the signing ceremony. The article said the abortion foes "gave the ceremony the air of a presidential pep rally." The prominent photo included Dr. Adrian Rogers, former head of the Southern Baptist Convention; the Rev. Lou Sheldon, chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition; the Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority; Janet Parshall, an evangelical radio talk show host; Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for Pat Robertson's American Center for Law and Justice; Attorney General John Ashcroft and Roman Catholic Cardinal Edward Egan. …