Books Received

Article excerpt

In addition to the titles reviewed in this issue, the books listed below were recently received by the editor and are available for review.

Asia: General

Cha, Victor D. 1999. Alignment Despite Antagonism: The U.S.-Korea-Japan Security Triangle. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

Cumings, Bruce. 1999. Parallax Visions: Making Sense of American-East Asian Relations. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

Hsieh, John Fuh-Sheng, and David Newman. 2002. How Asia Votes. New York: Seven Bridge.

Kidd, John, and Frank-Jurgen Richter, eds. 2003. Fighting Corruption in Asia: Causes, Effects, and Remedies. Singapore: World Scientific.

MacIntyre, Andrew. 2003. The Power of Institutions: Political Architecture and Governance. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

Tomba, Luigi. 2002. East Asian Capitalism Conflicts, Growth and Crisis. Milan: Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli.

Woo, Wing Thye, Jeffrey D. Sachs, and Klaus Schwab, eds. 2000. The Asian Financial Crisis: Lessons for a Resilient Asia. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.


Bailey, Paul. 2001. China in the Twentieth Century. 2nd ed. Oxford, UK: Blackwell.

Bernstein, Thomas P., and Xiaobo Lu. 2003. Taxation Without Representation in Contemporary Rural China. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Cartier, Carolyn. 2001. Globalizing South China. Oxford: Blackwell.

Cheek, Timothy. 2002. Mao Zedong and China's Revolutions: A Brief History with Documents. New York: Bedford/St. Martin's.

Chow, Gregory. 2002. China's Economic Transformation. Oxford, UK: Blackwell.

Guthrie, Doug. 1999. Dragon in a Three-Piece Suit: The Emergence of Capitalism in China. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

Hughes, Neil C. 2002. China's Economic Challenges: Smashing the Iron Rice Bowl. Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe.

Moore, Thomas G. 2002. China in the World Market: Chinese Industry and International Sources of Reform in the Post-Mao Era. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Shambaugh, David. 2002. Modernizing China's Military: Progress, Problems, and Prospects. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Waley-Cohen, Joanna. 1999. The Sextants of Beijing: Global Currents in Chinese History. New York: W. W. Norton.

Wong, John, and Yongnian Zheng, eds. 2002. China's Post-Jiang Leadership Succession: Problems and Perspectives. Singapore: Singapore University Press and World Scientific. …