CRACKDOWN ON YOUTH CRIME: THE NAZI NEDS; Police Swoop as Children Aged 10 Preach Violence on Race Hate Website

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THESE shocking images show children as young as 10 challenging rival gangs to fights on a Nazi web site.

The youngsters, from Tory glen, Glasgow, proudly pose with weapons in front of walls sprayed with swastikas. Most wear Rangers AND Celtic football tops but instead of having players' names on the back, their shirts bear the slogan Nazi C, short for Nazi Circus, the name of their sickening web site.

The site is home to the ''Tory glen Toi'' gang who use it to challenge rival thugs from nearby Go van hill, Prospect hill, Croft foot and other south side Glasgow schemes.

They boast of chasing people with weapons and of going out to ''kill''.

And there have been a string of violent attacks by gangs of 40 or 50 youths in the south side of the city.

One terrified 15-year-old, who did not want to be named, was attacked by a gang, resulting in permanent physical and psychological scars.

He said: ''I thought I was going to die. I had no chance against dozens of school kids who pulled me to the ground, jumped on my head and smashed bottles over it.''

The victim's mother added: ''My son has been damaged for life by what these monsters did.

''They look like little kids you'd never give a second glance to but they are evil, violent monsters who carry concealed weapons, knives and clubs.

''Families are living in fear and terror of these gangs.''

Strathclyde Police have now copied the pictures from the web site.

Inspector George Nedley said: ''We have examined this site and are extremely disturbed by it. We will be visiting parents to show them exactly what their kids are doing.''

Specially-trained gang warfare police are also now patrolling Glasgow's streets to tackle the problem.

But youth violence has been growing across Scotland, even in the smallest communities, and experts fear it will become an even bigger problem in the future.

Consultant psychiatrist Prem Misra has carried out a number of studies on gangs. …