Reorganization of 6 Energy Agencies Almost Completed

Article excerpt


The Department of Energy (DoE) has reported that the organizational restructuring it has been pursuing for six attached agencies is already very close to completion.

Energy Secretary Vincent S. Perez has reported to President Arroyo that the mandated institutional strengthening of the department is already 99 percent complete; and this provided for a leaner but more responsive organizations that would aid in the implementation of its projects and programs.

Administrative Order No. 38 was earlier issued seeking to redefine the functions and services of the DoEs bureaus, service units and offices to meet the challenges brought about by the liberalization of the countrys oil and power industries.

"As a result of this exercise, more than 260 employees at the DoE were promoted to higher level positions. Several employees were also separated either due to the re-classification of functions or their decision to avail of the separation package offered," Perez noted.

He further emphasized that after the re-organization, the energy departments workforce has been slashed to 600 employees.

This, despite the creation of two new bureaus the Oil Industry Management Bureau and the Electric Power Industry Management Bureau to handle the tasks of the department as mandated under the Electric Power Industry Reform Act and the Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act. …