Panel: Urban Areas Lack Industrial Land

Article excerpt

Byline: Christian Wihtol The Register-Guard

Oregon's biggest urban areas, including Eugene-Springfield, lack enough easy-to-develop industrial land, said a state report released Friday.

Eugene-Springfield, the Portland area, Salem-Keizer and Bend all lack "certain types of project-ready industrial land," said the report, prepared by Gov. Ted Kulongoski's Industrial Lands Task Force.

The 34-page report provided no details about the shortages, however. It didn't specify exactly what kinds of industrial land were in short supply, nor did it say how much more industrial land any of the metro areas need. It also didn't provide detailed analyses demonstrating the shortages.

In addition, the report said that the four biggest metro areas all had short-term shortages of some types of industrial land, and that some of them lacked a 20-year supply of industrial land, but it didn't say which cities lacked the 20-year supply.

The task force held public hearings in five cities this year and heard testimony from more than 250 people.

The task force urged the state Land Conservation and Development Commission to look at taking emergency steps to let some cities alter their urban growth boundaries to address the land shortage. However, the task force didn't say whether Eugene-Springfield should look at changing its urban growth boundary.

The issue of industrial land availability is controversial and murky. …