Training Your Staff Will Benefit Your Business; What Is Management and Career Development?

Article excerpt

MANAGEMENT and career development is a process that involves education, training,experience and the increasing of both personal and professional skills.

For an employee it should form part of their life-long learning experience,not be time-bound and should be carefully planned so that changes in organisational structure or technology can always be accommodated. Why is it necessary? Any person working for an organisation, whether on an operational or managerial level, should naturally start to learn the processes and skills of the job.

Applying appropriate education and training will increase the individual's skills to a point where they are of greater value to the business.

The development of their career means they become more involved in the business,and as long as the employer maintains their skills this allows succession planning to be developed in a more sophisticated way.

How can it benefit a business? Management and career development can provide a stable, skilled and committed workforce that is well managed by experienced people.

It engenders a learning environment that makes it easier for new skills to be developed and changes to be accommodated.

An organisation that has a stable workforce and management will be more efficient, reflecting in a more competitive position in the marketplace, resulting in increased profits. …