SLA Social Science and Geography and Map Divisions Merge

Article excerpt

SLA's Board of Directors approved the merger of the Social Science and Geography and Map Divisions, honoring the results of a vote by the members of the divisions. The merger effectively dissolves the Geography and Map Division as an independent division and transforms it into fourth section of the Social Science Division.

During SLA's annual meeting in June 2003, both divisions held separate business meetings where they passed a motion to send a formal vote mechanism to all members of both divisions to approve their merger. The voting was closed and tabulated on August 31, 2003, with the following results: approved by the Social Science Division by a vote of 118 to 3 and approved by the Geography and Map Division by a vote of 66 to 8. The conditions voted upon follow:

The Scope Note for the new Geography and Map Section is:

The Geography and Map Section provides a forum for the Social Science Division Members interested in all aspects of the production, procurement, processing, and utilization of geographic and cartographic materials, in particular those in the professions of geography and/or map librarianship. Cartographic products include, but are not limited to, maps, aerial photographs, remote sensing imagery, cartographic data in digital form, and such multidimensional formats as globes, tetrahedrons, and relief maps.

The terms of the merger are as follows:

* The Geography and Map Division (G&M) will become the Geography and Map section of the Social Sciences Division (DSOC).

* The current G&M Division Chair will become the first G&M section chair and will have a position on the Advisory Board with section programming and fundraising responsibilities.

* The G&M Section Web page will be a link from the DSOC Web page. It will remain intact with the exception that any appearance of the word "Division" will be changed to "Section."

* All G&M Division members will be automatically subscribed to the DSOC newsletter, published three times a year, and a portion of the newsletter will be reserved for content especially relevant to G&M Section members. …