GGT USA Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems for the Pakistan Clothing Industry

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GGT USA Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems for the Pakistan Clothing Industry

Today, the Clothing Industry in Pakistan is on the threshold of moving from export of inexpensive basic garments to higher value-added quality clothing. Pakistan's exports of Ready Made Garments and Knitwear of US $ 814 million in 1990-91 were less than 1 per cent of the world clothing trade, in spite of Pakistan being a major world cotton and cotton yarn producer. The reasons were insufficient infrastructure in financial, communication, services, export procedures, trained manpower, material inputs etc. The Government of Pakistan has taken up the challenge by improving infrastructure through direct and private sector action, by easing procedures, by improving telephone communication, roads, electric power generation etc., the target being to double exports within 3 years.

The Pakistan Garment Industry is rising to the occasion by modernizing their factories, setting up a Garment Technology Institute with Government help to train supervisory and managerial manpower, and aggressive marketing. The infusion of State of the Art Computer Technologies in Clothing Manufacture is very important in cost reduction by saving fabric, improving quality, reducing manufacturing time, and increasing management control. A major technology transfer takes place by using the well established techniques from all over the world in the Pakistan Clothing Industry.

GGT is the world leader in developing computer integrated manufacturing systems for the apparel, furniture, aerospace, automotive, and industrial fabric product markets. For over 20 years, it has been providing innovative solutions through technology for automated design and manufacturing, and has over 6,000 systems installed and in operation worldwide. Garber Garment Technology, Inc., headquartered in Tolland, Connecticut, USA, is a Gerber Scientific, Inc. company with offices and agents throughout the world.

GGT systems not only communicate with each other, but can also be fully integrated into a customer's overall business environment. This is made possible through the use of industry standard formats coupled with advanced software, which has been designed to interface with manufacturer's business systems. …