Ferguson Facing Slander Threat in Rock Row

Article excerpt


SIR ALEX FERGUSON is facing the threat of a writ for slander as the war over Rock Of Gibraltar rages on.

Lawyers acting for Coolmore Stud pair John Magnier and JP McManus, who own a 25.49 per cent stake in Manchester United, are requesting a full transcript and tape of Ferguson's Press conference last Friday in the build-up to the match against Southampton, during which the Old Trafford manager claimed his agent son Jason had been harassed. Sir Alex alleged that Jason had found intruders in his garden and that his rubbish and mail had been tampered with.

Sources at Coolmore have denied involvement in any intrusion at Ferguson Jnr's property but are horrified that a prominent figure at United should make comments that could be interpreted as relating to Magnier and McManus.

Ferguson said: 'It's been a distressing week for the family. Jason has taken a real battering. He's had to call in the police people have been stealing his mail and bin bags and hiding in the bushes.

'He saw people hiding at the bottom of the garden.The police have been round to see him and have taken a note of a car registration number. It's not been easy for him. My son's had a terrible time.' Given that all of Ferguson's weekly press conferences are videotaped by the club's in-house TV station, United will have little option but to provide Coolmore with the material they have requested. …