Glenbard Schools Warn 130 Workers of Job Cuts Officials Continue to Scour for Ways to Bridge Multimillion-Dollar Deficit

Article excerpt

Byline: Catherine Edman Daily Herald Staff Writer

Nearly 130 people went to work Tuesday in Glenbard High School District 87 to find an unwanted surprise in their mailboxes.

They each received letters from district officials alerting them their jobs could soon change dramatically or even be eliminated.

In fact, the four-school district is looking at eliminating all custodians, maintenance workers and campus supervisory positions. In their place, the district would contract with private businesses to provide such workers and services, thus cutting the direct cost of salaries and benefits.

A union representative said the news came as a complete shock to employees affected - especially those in the first year of a new four-year contract.

"People are shocked and upset by the news (they got) this morning," said Carol Dawrant, with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 1970.

That union represents the 46 people in the district's building supervision crew. They have three more years left on their contract.

For two years, the district has made dramatic budget cuts in an attempt to stave off a deficit projected to reach about $7.2 million at the end of the school year. The deficit remains, even though the number of teachers was reduced and class sizes increased. …