STII E-Books Now Cater to over 300 Subscribers

Article excerpt

Byline: cymbeline r. villamin

The e-books launched by the Science and Technology Information Institute last July now cater to more than 300 online members of the Connect Ed group listed in the Yahoo Groups. The members consist of educators and IT professionals from government and industry sectors.

Numerous orders were received from CE group last year. The first batch of orders for 2004 also came from the group.

The e-books that include Tekno Tulong Vols. 1-16, Science References, ICT Resources, and World Literature carry a total of more than 200 titles and continue to attract paying subscribers from foundations and vocational schools in the Visayas and Amerasians in the US. Several buyers also come from the DoST community and walk-in researchers in Bicutan.

The e-books are produced either by in-house content creators or downloaded from public domains in the web free from copyright restrictions. Readers pay only minimum price for subsidized costs of production supplies and Internet connection. Contents are free.

The CD compilation and dissemination of the e-books are in support of the World Summit on the Information Society Declaration of Principles in Geneva, 2003 that encourages "facilitating access to public domain information" (sec. 3, par. 22). Full text can be viewed at http://www. …