NSO Cites Highest Users of Technology in ICT Industries

Article excerpt

Byline: edu h. lopez

The proportion of fnformation and communications technology (ICT) users was highest in sectors with ICT industries, ranging from nearly 90 percent to as high as 100 percent.

In a survey conducted by the National Statistics Office (NSO), these were ICT sectors of telecommunications, computer and related services, and motion picture, radio and TV with 100 percent usage; ICT wholesale and retail trade, 96.6 percent; ICT education, 93.7 percent; and ICT manufacturing, 88.6 percent.

The proportion of ICT users in non-ICT industries in these same sectors was also high, from nearly 80 percent to about 90 percent.

There were also non ICT sectors that exhibited high usage of ICT resources: financial intermediation, 96.6 percent; construction, 94.8 percent; electricity, gas and water, 93.2 percent; and health and social work, 92 percent.

NSO says the proportion of ICT users was lowest in the primary sectors: agriculture, fishing, and mining and quarrying.

The percentage ICT users is measured as the proportion of the total number of establishments using any or all types of ICT resources to the total number of responding establishments.

The figures give a rough indication of ICT diffusion in businesses and industries. In the survey, ICT resources is defined to include machines and knowledge.

Users of ICT resources in many sectors, whether with ICT or non-ICT industries, reported 100 percent usage of computers, except in agriculture, fishing, and transport, storage and communications.

These sectors made intense use of network channels/ telecommunication equipment than computers.

Sectors with ICT industries, except wholesale and retail trade, accounted for big shares of the total number of PCs in use.

ICT education reported the most number of computers owning 35 percent of all computers.

This was followed by ICT manufacturing, contributing 10.4 percent; telecom-munications, 8.5 percent; and computer and related services, 3.6 percent.

Among sectors with non-ICT industries, the most number of PCs in use were in financial intermediation, accounting for 14.5 percent; manufacturing, 10.6 percent; real estate, renting and other business activities,, 3.1 percent; and wholesale and retail trade and repair services, 3.1 percent.

ICT industries had higher average number of PCs per user-establishment compared to non-ICT industries of the same sector, except for the wholesale and retail trade. …