TMG Chief Pays Tribute to PCCr, MLC; Reports on Accomplishments

Article excerpt


MANILA Police Chief Supt. Danilo Payumo Mangila, director of the Philippine National Police (PNP)-Traffic Management Group (TMG), paid a well-meaning and historic tribute to the Philippine College of Criminology (PCCr), where he earned his baccalaureate degree Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Masters Degree in Criminology during its golden founding anniversary and alumni homecoming, which also coincided with the 50th founding anniversary of the Manila Law School (MLC).

Addressing the triple affairs, Mangila also hailed the leadership of PCCr president Dr. Eduardo J. Bautista; retired Police Chief Supt. Enrique C. Cuadra, national president of the Philippine Educators for Criminology, who is concurrent president of the PCCr Alumni Association; lawyer Gerry Maglinao, who is dean of Criminology department of PCCr, and engaged in warm pleasantries with his former classmates, teachers, friends, and other distinguished guests.

In his speech titled A Paragon of Professional Service before the triple occasions held at the Philippine Columbian Association edifice in Plaza Dilao, Paco, this capital city of the Philippines last Sunday (Feb. 15), Mangila, a bemedalled officer, said "looking back," his dreams and aspirations, then during his college days at PCCr, came to life.

During the triple occasions, Mangila gave a breakdown of TMGs accomplishments, while serving to date, as PNP-TMG director.

From day one of his stint at the TMG back on Aug. 1, 2002, to the present, the TMG has recovered a total of 1,080 stolen motor vehicles, engaged in 15 confrontational armed encounters with organized crime groups that resulted in the death of 32 suspected carnappers and hijackers; arrested 378 carnappers and 25 hijackers leading to the busting of 20 carnap syndicates and four syndicated hijacking groups operating mostly in Regions 3 and 4 and the National Capital Region. …