Libraries to Get a Lot of Free Music - Legally

Article excerpt

Byline: James Fuller Daily Herald Staff Writer

Illinois libraries would have to join Columbia House nearly 13,000 times to get the payload of free music CDs they are about to receive.

Nearly 244,000 music CDs are coming to Illinois as part of price-fixing lawsuit settlement against the music industry. A little more than 155,000 CDs of all music genres will go to Illinois libraries. The remainder will go to various charities.

Library fans will see a much broader selection of music to choose from and more copies of each CD to borrow, according to Sarah Ann Long, director of the North Suburban Library System.

Each of the state's regional library systems will receive about 13,000 CDs to divide among its member libraries, according to the Illinois attorney general's office. The Chicago library system will receive about 800 more CDs than the other systems.

"This settlement repays the citizens of Illinois for the difficulties they've suffered with the music industry," Long said. …