Islam Condemns, Rejects All Acts, Forms of Terrorism; Jakarta Declaration

Article excerpt

Byline: EDD K. USMAN

QUEZON CITY An official of the Office on Muslim Affairs (OMA) said yesterday the Jakarta Declaration, issued after an international forum in Indonesia, has stressed Islams strong condemnation of acts of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and also rejects equating terrorism with any religion.

Filipino delegates to the International Conference of Islamic Scholars in Jakarta, Indonesia, have cited the message of the hugely attended event for its effort to develp and actualize Islam as "mercy to mankind."

Lawyer Metalicop Domado, director for Muslim Cultural Affairs, OMA, and Prof. Julkipli Wadi of the Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines (IIS-UP) participated in the forum on Feb. 23-25 as the only Filipinos invited by the Indonesian Embassy in Manila through Minister Counselor Andang Pramana.

About 300 delegates issued the 19-point Jakarta Declaration, which, among others, affirmed that Islam obliges Muslims to seek and practice peace, justice, freedom, moderation, tolerance, balance, consultation and equity as a fundamental way of life; Islam supports constructive and interactive dialogue to strengthen mutual understanding and respect among adherents of all religions and nations; Islam strongly condemns terrorism and opposes identifying terrorism with any religion.

Wadi noted the conferences new thrust on getting the consensus, not only of scholars such as the ulama, but also of Muslim intellectuals who did not take Islamic studies. …