Call Me Mister; Prison Warders' Fury over Move to Make Them 'Show Respect' to Evil Inmates

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FURIOUS warders at a high-security prison may soon have to address some of the country's most dangerous inmates by the formal title 'Mr'.

The idea is said to have been promoted by the jail's board of visitors after complaints that some prisoners were 'being shown a basic lack of respect'.

Among those housed in Category A Wakefield are murderers, rapists and paedophiles.

They include Roy Whiting, who murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne, triple child killer Robert Black and armed robber Barry Elener, who shot dead Tasawar Hussain as he tried to foil a [pounds sterling]40,000 raid.

Warders are now waiting to hear if addressing prisoners as 'Mr' in conversations is to be an operational instruction.

Brian Caton, general secretary of the Prison Officers' Association, said the idea of calling prisoners 'Mr' in jails nationwide was considered several years ago.

He believes staff must have the right to decide how they address inmates.

'These officers are handling some of the most dangerous people in society, and I think the proposal is stupid beyond belief,' declared Mr Caton.

'At certain times prisoners understand harsh language, and we can do without this namby pamby liberal attitude.' Ordering officers to address prisoners as 'Mr' would affect their ability to use 'man management' in keeping order and quelling trouble.

He added: 'You would take away a good deal of what a prison officer is about. …