Gorilla Picks a Child Up in Its Mouth after Escaping at the Zoo

Article excerpt

Daily Mail Foreign Service A GORILLA sparked terror when it escaped from its zoo cage and went on the rampage, attacking three people yesterday.

The 22-stone animal seized a three-year-old boy and mauled him, putting the child in his mouth and then throwing him against a wall.

The gorilla, called Jabari, also attacked and bit Rivers Noah's mother before being shot dead by police marksmen.

Rivers was in a critical condition in hospital after the drama at Dallas Zoo, Texas.

His father Amos said: 'One of the first things our son said in hospital was "A gorilla tried to eat my head".' The little boy's mother Keisha Heard, 26, said: 'It just came out of nowhere and we thought "This can't be happening, it's just so unreal".

'I was watching this gorilla put my son in his mouth and attacking him and there was nothing I could do about it. He was biting him in the side.

'When I tried to stop him, he just flung me against the concrete wall.

'He then dropped Rivers but came back and attacked us again.' She is recovering after being bitten on the legs by Jabari, a 13-year-old Western Lowland gorilla.

He also charged police officers called to the scene and bit another child aged ten. …