'Green Guide' Puts Environment First

Article excerpt

THE United Kingdom's leading farmer has launched a manual to help its farms adopt best practice to protect and enhance the environment.

farmcare's Environmental Management Manual is a guide to complying with often-complex environmental legislation, but also offers practical information for farms on further steps they can take to reduce environmental impact and improve the countryside.

farmcare's business spans sites across the country, from Aberdeenshire to Hampshire.

Each one now has a manual covering such aspects as oil storage, water abstraction, pesticides, fertilisers, soil management, waste, conservation and heritage.

In future, farmcare will audit its sites to monitor compliance with practices outlined in the manual.

David Gardner, head of farmcare's Centre of Business Excellence and coordinator of the manual, said: "We are moving into a time when environmental issues are at the forefront, and the public expects them to be well-managed.

"As the UK's largest commercial farmer, farmcare needs to take a lead in terms of these issues.

"Our manual is unique - it's a user-friendly document to help our farm managers weave their way through what is a very difficult and complex raft of legislation. …