Far Right 'Fanning Flames of Hatred' after Boy's Murder; BNP Chief Heads for Scotland in Wake of Attack

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THE far-Right British National Party was accused last night of inciting racial hatred by exploiting the murder of a white teenager by a gang of Asian thugs.

First Minister Jack McConnell and race relations groups urged people to boycott Nick Griffin's visit to Glasgow tonight as the BNP leader accused police of ignoring anti-white attacks.

There are growing concerns about a violent backlash to his visit to Pollokshields, the racially-mixed Glasgow suburb from which 15-year-old Kriss Donald was abducted by an Asian gang on Monday. The teenager's battered body was discovered in the city's East End the following day.

Mr Griffin said last night: 'If the police had taken notice of us telling them about the racial harassment of whites by Asian gangsters in Pollokshields, then Kriss Donald would still be alive.

'Incidents like Kriss Donald's murder are going on all over Britain. It is a combination of radical Islamic fundamentalism and gangster rap.

'In an intense territorial area like Glasgow, which already has problems between Rangers and Celtic supporters, it is a ticking timebomb and will get worse unless the police act to stop it.' Mr Griffin's remarks prompted immediate condemnation. Mr McConnell joined Glasgow politicians in appealing to antiracism campaigners not to hold a counter demonstration.

He said: 'I think the possible appearance of the British National Party leader in Glasgow this weekend shows not just what a poisonous individual he is but also what a poisonous party it is. …