Battling Bute Is Able to Hold onto His Title; Fighting Marquess Manages to Defend His Honour in the Boxing Ring

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AS a titled Scottish aristocrat, the Seventh Marquess of Bute could be forgiven for pursuing a more upper-crust pastime.

But then, 'Gentleman' Johnny Dumfries is not your typical blueblooded multimillionaire.

The former motor racing champion has decided to take up a more handson hobby - boxing.

His new venture into the noble art of self-defence began when he faced former amateur champion James Facey, 25, in a three-round 'white-collar' boxing match.

And by all accounts the Marquess gave a good account of himself. One spectator said: 'He showed a lot of speed which probably comes from his racing days.

'And everyone was impressed by the ferocity with which he went for it. He has a very long reach and managed to get in a few good good punches. In fact he knocked off his opponent's headgear with one.

'It might have been a very short fight, he was streets ahead.

And he looked really happy at the end. He doesn't come over as blue-blooded either. He didn't have any airs and graces.'

The Marquess said: 'Although this is my first proper fight, I've always been interested in boxing. …