So That's What Became of the Head of Iraq. Army Claims Huge Likeness of Saddam for Regimental Museum in Aberdeen

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FOR years it stood on a pedestal, a manifestation of dictatorship keeping an evil eye over his oppressed people.

But as his regime was toppled, so was the statue of Saddam Hussein which stood high and mighty over the port of Basra.

Now a year to the day since the outbreak of the Iraq conflict the decapitated head of the fallen brass statue has come to Scotland.

Weighing more than 20 stones and measuring almost three feet high, it has been acquired by the Gordon Highlanders' Museum in Aberdeen where it will be the centrepiece of an exhibition.

Museum chairman Ian Lakin described the head as 'unique' and said it was a real coup for the museum.

Mr Lakin said the sheer size of the head had taken everyone at the museum by surprise and they were delighted to receive it.

It is thought coalition troops and Iraqis pulled the monument to the ground when Basra was liberated.

The head bears the scars of the statue's toppling and decapitation. There is a small dent in the skull and two gashes across the bridge of the nose.

Mr Lakin added: 'Last year I was sitting at home watching the troops on television, seeing statues topple, never thinking the head of one would end up in our museum. …