Annual Bibliography of Film Studies-2002

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The 2002 version of Post Script's "Annual Bibliography," like its predecessors, hopes to serve not only as an easy point of access to the latest film and media criticism, but also as a rough barometer of recent trends. To that end, I want to begin by calling attention to several of the special topics issues that appeared in film periodicals over the last year. Among the more significant are Film History's special numbers in 2002 on Film Music and Film and Religion, the issue of Quarterly Review of Film and Video on stardom in the international cinema, and the Film Comment special numbers on Bollywood and recent Japanese cinema--both testimony to the increasingly international focus of that popular film journal. Post Script has also devoted issues to select topics, in this case Spanish Cinema and Realist Horror. And the non-film journal Science-Fiction Studies has provided substantial academic coverage for Japanese Anime with its number on Japanese Science Fiction. What makes such issues particularly noteworthy are that they serve as immediate indicators of a critical mass of interest in an area, and they provide an opportunity for exploring a key subject in great depth.

Among the broader trends to be noted in 2002's criticism are marked drop-offs in director, genre, and industry-oriented articles, accompanied by continuing increases in the number of pieces devoted to the documentary and to international cinema. The growth in the international area, also remarked on in last year's bibliography, seems further evidence of the impact of cross-cultural studies in the academic world, but also, as the Film Comment special issues suggest, an increasing popular interest in world-wide cinema. The emphasis on documentary--a growth of more than 100% in the last year--stands in interesting companionship with the current popular fascination with reality programming and increased access to new documentaries. Together these developments point to a variety of both cultural and technical developments that are increasingly prompting reassessments of the nature of cinematic reality. Finally, I would note the new level of attention to pedagogical issues, thanks to special numbers on teaching and media literacy in Journal of Film and Video and Journal of Popular Film and Television.

One more development worth observing is the addition of a new category to this year's edition of the "Annual Bibliography." Thanks to a number of articles that seem specifically focused on what has come to be termed "New Media," as well as to changes in both film production and to the academic world (my own department now offers a Ph.D. in Digital Media), I have added a section on "Digital Media." Otherwise, our format remains essentially as in previous issues. The Bibliography provides the basic date needed to locate and retrieve any article, presented in typical MLA format. Each entry is initially listed in what I have determined to be its most appropriate category, and then many of the pieces have been cross-referenced under one or more additional categories, and brief annotations have been appended where they seemed necessary. As usual, I invite suggestions for further improving this mechanism.

Also as usual, I want to thank my coeditor Gerald Duchovnay for his tireless efforts in pursuing exchanges with other journals, for helping me root out obscure articles for inclusion in the Bibliography, and for ensuring that this project is properly formatted.


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Asian Cinema                             (AC)
Boundary 2                               (B2)
Camera Obscura                           (CO)
Canadian Journal of Film Studies       (CJFS)
Canadian Review of American
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Cineaste                                (Cin)
Cinema Journal                           (CJ)
Communication Quarterly                  (CQ)
Configurations                         (Conf)
Creative Screenwriting                   (CS)
Critical Inquiry                         (CI)
Critical Studies in Media
  Communication                        (CSMC)
Cultural Critique                        (CC)
Cultural Studies                         (CS)
Extrapolation                            (Ex)
Film & History                          (F&H)
Film and Philosophy                     (F&P)
Film Comment                             (FC)
Film Criticism                          (FCr)
Film History                             (FH)
Film Quarterly                           (FQ)
Genre                                   (Gen)
German Quarterly                         (GQ)
Historical Journal of Film, Radio,
  and Television                     (HJFRTV)
Hitchcock Annual                         (HA)
Hudson Review                            (HR)
Intercollegiate Review                 (IRev)
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Journal of Aesthetics and Art
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Journal of the Fantastic in the
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Journal of Popular Culture              (JPC)
Journal of Popular Film and
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Literature/Film Quarterly               (LFQ)
Michigan Quarterly Review               (MQR)
Midwest Quarterly                        (MQ)
Mosaic                                   (Mo)
New German Critique                     (NGC)
New Literary History                    (NLH)
October                                 (Oct)
PMLA                                   (PMLA)
Post Identity                            (PI)
Post Script                              (PS)
Psychoanalytic Review                 (Psy R)
Quarterly Review of Film and Video     (QRFV)
Radical History Review                  (RHR)
Raritan                                 (Rar)
Representations                         (Rep)
Science Fiction Studies                 (SFS)
Screen                                   (Sc)
Sight and Sound                          (SS)
South Atlantic Review                   (SAR)
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Southwest Review                        (SwR)
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Studies in Popular Culture              (SPC)
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Velvet Light Trap                       (VLT)
Wide Angle                               (WA)
Yale Journal of Criticism               (YJC)


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