Candidates Must Be Presidential in Manner, Speech

Article excerpt

Byline: Hern P Zenarosa

A VISITING American political scientist has described the current US presidential election campaign as probably the dirtiest in recent years.

Dr. Henry F. (Chip) Carey who was here last week in a meeting with some members of the media, made the observation after noting that nothing much has changed in Philippine politics, including the personalities involved.

He was referring to those implicated in the post-EDSA coup attempts that bedeviled the Cory Aquino administration who have now become elected officials themselves.


Regarding the US presidential campaign, the contentious tussle started when Sen. John Kerry refused to apologize to the American people for his harsh criticism of his Republican rivals, calling them "crooked" and a "lying" group.

The hostile remark which was carried by an Associated Press report has been denounced by Republican Party leaders who described Kerrys act as "unbecoming a candidate for the presidency of the United States."

Kerry made the comment as he hardened his rejection of the Bush administration on the urgings of his supporters.

In a recent International Herald Tribune story, the Democratic Party presidential hopeful was quoted as saying, "Let me tell you, weve just begun to fight. We are going to keep pounding. These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group Ive ever seen."

"Its scary," he protested.


On the local scene, in our own political prattle and rigmarole, complaints about mudslinging and political harassment have also been heard, hurled by the parties against one another. …