Doctor Jailed for Sex Attacks on His Patients; 'Pillar of the Community' GP Assaulted Seven Women over 21 Years

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A MARRIED GP who indecently assaulted seven female patients over a 21-year period was jailed for five years yesterday.

Dr Stephen Crosby, described in court as a 'pillar of the community', ordered one pregnant victim to strip naked and felt her breasts as he carried out an internal examination.

His offences came to light only after he was caught indecently exposing himself and letters were sent to his female patients.

Alarmingly, one patient had made a formal complaint about an intimate examination carried out by Crosby in 1997.

A senior partner ordered him to be chaperoned during future examinations.

But he was not and went on to abuse three more women.

Crosby, 51, a father of seven, showed no emotion as Judge John Roberts told him: 'These offences involve a flagrant breach of trust imposed in you as their GP by these seven patients. The aggravating feature is the number of patients involved and the lengthy period of time over which these offences were spread.

'It is no exaggeration to say you have brought disgrace upon yourself and the noble profession of which you are a member.' Crosby practised at the Village Surgery in Formby, Merseyside, and was considered a 'fine doctor'.

But he used his reputation to abuse vulnerable patients.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how Crosby, who often did not wear surgical gloves for the examinations, told the women to relax while he examined them.

One even thought he had devised a new relaxation technique.

The woman said he touched her as she would have expected her husband to touch her in bed.

Another described him as 'creepy' and said she felt he was getting pleasure from examining her. She said she felt she 'had been molested', adding: 'I just wanted to leave as quickly as possible. …