Comment and Analysis: An Early Divorce Likely

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THE Boundary Commission's singular proposal to redraw Parliamentary constituencies,ignoring the Mersey's wide reaches by lumping a chunk of Wirral on to Liverpool Riverside,beg s some questions.

If the newly-formed constituency is named Wirral Central, willLiverpool Riverside residents (someof whom may have never visited the fragrant peninsula) boast that they ``now live on Wirral?''

As the normal activity of Wirralites is distancing themselves from Liverpool (suchas reviving Chester postcodes), this marriage is likely to end in divorce bef ore the New Brighton honeymoon.

MARKS & Spencer's Speke store delivered thousands of glossy leaflets to south Liverpool residents promoting the store. Yet the map locating the store seems to place it at Speke Hall,in Western Avenue. Is this venerable Tudor pile now merely a satellite display unit for M&S?

NOW that Citilink's Liverpool traffic attendants are marching out, the city council can create a ``no hiding place'' for motorists with an offering from a country that gave the world spy satellite technology. The North West Development Agency's investment arm is seeking investors with pounds 450,000 tobac

a US product offering an automated parking enforcement service.. This must read like manna from heaven. …