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British Alumni Assn. inducts Thames grads

A group of Filipino intellectuals, technocrats and businessmen who are products of the United KingdomEs best universities has recently welcomed two alumni of Thames International Business School (TIBS) to its fold. They are the first of around 20 Thames students who have graduated last year from various universities in the UK.

Inducted to the British Alumni Association were John Joseph Perez, a marketing guides graduate of the University of Hertfordshire and Rosemarie Bonifacio, a business graduate of Middlesex University.

Belonging to the first batch of foreign degree graduates produced by Thames, Bonifacio and Perez cited the schoolEs academic program that follows the British system as complementary to the exceptional quality of UK education.

Founded in 2002 to strengthen ties among scholars and graduates of British universities, the BAA counts among its 800-plus members prominent leaders in the various sectors of Philippine society. The organization is the spin-off of the UK ScholarEs Society that was formed in the mid-90Es by British Embassy scholars.

British universities hold the reputation of offering first-rate degrees in law, banking and finance, business and in various other fields. They generally specialize in courses that would require structure such as project financing which they pioneered.

According to BAA member Rommel Gavieta, who finished his MS in Engineering from the UKEs number one civil engineering school u Leeds University, "The BAA hopes to give back to the country the learnings our group got as UK scholars and students."

"This will be done through BAAEs participation in worthwhile environmental projects and by raising funds for deserving Pinoy scholars in the UK," Gavieta added. A former Chevening scholar of the British Council, Gavieta is the vice president for Project and Investment Risk Management of the Metro Rail Transit Corporation. He is also a Thames professor.

A fellow Chevening Scholar and a BAA trustee, Atty. Manuel Managilod added that "the BAA not only encourages Filipinos to get the UK educational experience, but also strengthens the RP-UK ties."

Managilod, who is currently connected with one of the top Philippine law firms, pursued his MS in Political Science at the London School of Economics.

Both scholars, together with Thames alumni Perez and Bonifacio related that studying in the UK was both a learning experience and an adventure. Likewise, they all attest to the fact that itEs cheaper to study in the UK than in the United States.

Feati upgrades curricula

FEATI University has announced it will implement upgraded academic curricula to provide its students better professional subjects and increase their competency level over other schools.

Dr. Leopoldo Abis, FEATIEs vice president for academic affairs, said innovations in the new curricula rationalize the existing subjects that are similar or almost identical but offered by different departments under a different subject code or numbering. "Cases like this will fall under only one course offering by a eproviderE department,EE he added.

FEATI will also minimize course overlaps across its different departments. There will also be an improvement in the "ladderEE courses in order to be more responsive to the needs of the industry as well as the government.

In line with FEATIEs new goal of providing quality education, the school will offer courses needed by the private sector such as the call center and business administration courses. This way, FEATI provides other options for students seeking better job opportunities not only in the country but abroad. FEATI also plans to offer Masters in Business Administration for those who want to pursue higher studies in this field.

Scholarships in Japan open

The Embassy of Japan, is now accepting applications for the Japanese government Scholarship Programs (Monbukagakusho). …