Covenant on Employment Signed; 3 Parties Pledge Job Generation

Article excerpt

Byline: EDU H. LOPEZ

Employers, business leaders and labor groups as well as government officials have pledged to provide more job opportunities.

The groups have signed a covenant to ensure more employment which capped the 25th national conference of employers at the Philippine Plaza Hotel in Manila.

By signing the covenant, the tripartite partners have vowed to work closely in helping create a policy environment that will be conducive to domestic and foreign investments.

They have agreed to continuously build the economy by reducing the costs of doing business, particularly eradicating red tape and intensifying anti-corruption campaigns, maintaining peace and order, improving revenue collection, and guaranteeing greater transparency in the enforcement of government policies affecting business.

The covenant calls for the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), including rural industries, and villages enterprises and livelihood programs, through appropriate access to credit, technology and training to strengthen forward-backward and formal-informal sector linkages.

The tripartite partners also agreed to support efforts at expanding access to productive resources such as capital, technology and entrepreneurial skills to informal sector workers, women, out-of-school youth and other marginalized sectors of society.

They have pledged to share responsibility in promoting industrial peace and enhancing constructive and harmonious relations between workers and employers, consistent with democratic principles. …