CBCP-NASSA Launches New Campaign for Orderly Elections; 'Maging Pihikan Ngayong Halalan' Uses Internet, Text Messaging Modes

Article excerpt


To intensify its campaign for an orderly, honest, and peaceful elections, the National Secretariat for Social Action, Justice, and Peace of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP-NASSA) yesterday launched the Maging Pihikan Ngayong Halalan program aimed at educating voters and encouraging a shift to issue-based elections.

As the social action arm of the CBCP, NASSA, through its political education and democratic governance program, thought of this new idea which can be downloaded from its website, www.nassa.org.ph.

The website also contains NASSAs election-related articles and the CBCP pastoral statement on the 2004 elections, including election-related statistics.

To further promote their campaign, NASSA also thought of tapping one of the most popular means of communication text messaging or the Short Messaging System (SMS) through its Politxt.

Politxt aims to contribute to the efforts of cultivating platforms- and programs-based politics in the country.

It provides user useful information on the profiles of all the presidential and senatorial candidates, including their individual stand on the 27 national and 12 sectoral issues such as corruption, death penalty, environment, globalization, housing, poverty reduction, and peace and order. …