Responsible Citizenship Youth Movement Launched

Article excerpt

Byline: CHRISTOPHER BERNARDO & SANTANINA VERZOSA (University of the Philippines Diliman)

If we could have a youth movement that is advocating responsible citizenship, we believe, that it is possible for others (different sectors) to follow" utters director Gil Gonzales of Institute of Solidarity Asia in the hope to move the youth in creating a positive social change to society.

Gonzales was the speaker of the half-day convocation entitled "Responsible Citizenship Youth Movement" organized by the Asia Pacific Association for Student Exchange and the Institute of Solidarity Asia in the Li Seng Giap Auditorium of the University of Asia and the Pacific on recently.

The event was participated in by youth organizations who have been a participant in last years Responsible Citizenship (Re) that was held in Makati Shangri-La. The organizations included were Voice of the Youth Network, UP Kasimag-UPCM, UP NSC, UP Circle of Entrepreneurs, DLSU-JEMA, Pampangga Corps, Rotaract Youth Club, Philippine Youth Employment Network, Ateneo- Management Information Systems Association, POLlS and the UP Debate Society.

Winners in the last year's RC Fair presented their projects to the other youth organizations. The winners of last year's RC Fair were the UP Circle of Entrepreneur, Rotaract Youth Club, Ateneo Lex, and the Ateneo-MISA, who were each given Php50,OOO. …